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Online Bible Study by Mandy 

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Normally we meet at Drumcannach, 

Arisaig at 7.30pm for bible study. However, 

due to illness, this is postponed for the 

foreseeable future. We will keep you 


Dave, Mandy and Sandie have just completed a missionary trip which took them to many places connected with St Maelrubha who was a 6th century Evangelical Christian monk. He was said to perform miracles in the name of the Lord.

The ruins of the 16th century church (pictured above) which is named after him are found in the old village graveyard.

The bay of Arisaig - Loch nan Ceall (Gaelic) means the loch of the churches or cells. If you have any more information on the Christian history of the area, it would be wonderful to have!