Ligh+house Church  

Shining hope and the love of God together

Lighthouse has been dreamt about in the hearts and minds of people for some time. We welcome you to join us and to come just as you are to meet God as He is.

Lighthouse is much less formal than the traditional church you may remember and quite frankly it just might be a good home for people who don't necessarily like Church. So when you come expect to be warmly welcomed in an informal setting. We sing traditional and contemporary Christian worship, have messages that are relevant and personal, invite people in the congregation who are willing to participate, to add to our experience of worship and have lots of coffee & tea and snacks afterward. On the first Sunday of every month we enjoy a tasty supper in the Astley Hall in Arisaig before the service. 

We want to have the kind of Church that Jesus Himself would love to come to!

It would be a great joy to have you come out and join us.