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Our involvement with the Christian School in Camiri, Bolivia began in 2017 when Christoph Ewers joined a group from Oakridge Bible Church in Canada (pictured above) to spend a week improving the school.

In July 2019, Andrés Segovia, school principal, visited us and spoke to various churches in Lochaber about the school.

We are privileged to support the education of  Racquel (pictured).

Like many schools around the world, this school faces financial challenges. We are doing what we can to bless them. If you are also able to offer support, please email us.

A wee history of Camiri Christian School by Andrés.

On March 6, 1956 missionaries Eugene and Loraine Train founded the “Camireña” Christian School. There were 64 students from first to sixth grades the first year and it started with three classrooms and five teachers.
Junior High level was added in 1973 and High School was added in 1980. The aim of the school has been to provide comprehensive, up-to-date and spiritual education. The Camireña Christian School has been condecorated with the highest educational distinctions in Bolivia, today continues with 360 aprox this year in accordance with the national programs and systems imposed by the Bolivian Education Code.

Since the beginning, the school has aimed to receive students who had less economic possibilities, especially from rural areas, to attend an academic training center at a time when there were no good quality rural establishments. To this day, this ambition has required that the teaching staff work with extraordinary effort. Thanks to that, many students with potential have achieved academic achievements that would not have been possible otherwise.

Today we are very happy to start our 64th year at the Christian School. The impact of this school, over the years, has been very favorable and extensive. From now on we wish to reestablish the school vision of continuing the work of impacting Bolivia through mature and prepared alumni who transmit to society academic, moral and spiritual values ​​in the various social positions