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Mission Trip to Bolivia 2017 and 2018

In February 2017 a group from Canada and me from Scotland traveled Camiri in Bolivia. The aim of the trip was to help renovating a Christian School in the city. We achieved the following:

- Painted and decorated 3 classrooms and the nursery

- Replaced the old electrical wiring through new and safe wires

- Put a new concrete floor on half of the school yard

- Several new windows were fitted

- Repaired and painted the walls fo the school yard.

The money that was donated from Lighthouse and friends in the Mallaig area and Acharacle covered my traveling costs and we were able to fund 2 air condition system for 2 class rooms.

The school is without any official funding and completely relies on private donations. The school fees alone wouldn’t cover the costs. 

Lighthouse is currently supporting a child's education at the Camiri Christian School. More details to follow! We are blessed to have this continued contact with the school.

We met the Christian community which was attached to the school and we also had the chance to meet and visit other missionaries that were living in the area, one for over 30 years. I met a Christian couple and their children who were on their way to the Ukraine to work with Gipsies. I am still in contact with them and hope that they will visit us here in Scotland soon to tell about their work.

This year, we went back to Camiri to continue to renovate and decorate classrooms and we will extend the school with 2 new classrooms. The link to the mission trip blog is

And trip is organized through the Oakridge Bible Chapel

The link to the blog of Andres Segovia, the principal of the Christian School in Camiri is